Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pancake tuesday

It's day four of this blog challenge for me, and the topic of the day is "what you ate today". I really wish I had eaten something prettier, or at least more interesting, but it is what it is...

Today is apparently Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday, or Pancake Tuesday, or any-other-name Tuesday... and while I am atheist, and therefore do not celebrate the occasion (nor will I be embarking on a self-depriving ritual of any sort starting tomorrow), having a breakfast food for dinner is always something I can get behind!

For some reason, I always seem to burn the first batch. It's like, a rule or something.

The second batch went much better.

I was feeling pretty lazy tonight, so I didn't make them from scratch this time... it was an Aunt Jemima affair. I know... I know... I am a terrible Canadian for not having any real maple syrup kicking around.

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