Wednesday, March 9, 2011

fresh and delicious

Now *this* is what I should have eaten for dinner yesterday, to make the food topic day of this blogging challenge more interesting!

Seeing as there are no rules that say I cannot post additional content outside the daily parameters, I'm going to go right ahead and tell you about it... it was too yummy and pretty not to share!

The recipe was from the April issue of Chatelaine, which arrived on Monday, and was full of colourful, fresh, spring-inspired recipes. Their food photography is always drool-worthy, but this recipe in particular stood out to me, and I needed to try it right away.

The recipe called for Boston lettuce and arugula, but I'm not a huge fan of arugula, so I substituted baby spinach instead. The rest of the yummy salad ingredients include sliced avocado, blanched snow peas, and bits of ruby red grapefruit, all topped with a seared fillet of simply-seasoned salmon, and a dill-grapefruit-garlic-dijon dressing.


My dutiful assistant Steve kept watch to ensure that any bits which fell to the floor were taken care of in a quick fashion.

I am entirely ready for winter to end and spring to begin so that I can start planting my veggie garden and be able to have many more salads like this to look forward to.

Definitely something I will make again. Yum!

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