Wednesday, July 22, 2009

not in stock

Allow me to preface this by saying that I have personally had a variation of this conversation with this customer at least a half dozen times in as many months... there are three other people at my soul-sucking cube job who are in the same position at me, so we can assume that they have dealt with him as well...

That item is non-stocked, Sir, so I will need you to send your P.O. in by fax.
Jerk-face: No.
Me: Sir, I cannot order the material in without a written purchase order, unfortunately.
Jerk-face: I can order all this other goddamn material, but YOU won't take my order for this sheet without it in writing... does that make any sense to you?
Me: I can only accept verbal orders for stocked items.
Jerk-face: Bullshit.
Me:Unfortunately we have to adhere to that policy because of other companies who have ordered material in, special order, and then refuse it when we bring it in, or deny ordering it, and we are unable to re-coup the cost, as we do not have written proof that the order was placed by them
Jerk-face: Even when the fuckin' company has been ordering from you for years? It's bullshit!
Me: Believe it or not, it is a continuous problem for us.
Jerk-face: I don't believe a damn thing you say
Me: silence...
Jerk-face: Fine. I'll fax it in.
Me: Have a good day Sir.

And then Jerk-face hangs up... and I sigh... and try to ignore the urge to strangle someone with the phone cord...

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  1. That customer was truly a jerk. Sorry that happened to you.