Monday, June 22, 2009

On why I need to purchase a kiddie pool.

I really, really, really want to buy one of those blue vinyl (?) pools with the inflatable rings at the top. The boy is very resistant to this idea.

However... I think if we have a few more nights at this temperature, I may just bring him over to my side. It is currently a quarter to eleven at night, and it is 28 degrees celcius... according to the weather network, it feels like 31 with the humidity. Fun!

Neither of us are very good in very warm weather... I would rather be a touch too cool, and able to put on a sweater to make myself comfortable, than be too warm and need to lay sprawled in the nude with a fan pointing at myself to feel relief from the heat...

Don't picture it... your brain does not deserve to be assaulted with that imagery... lol

Not that it's quite that warm just yet, but I'm sure it's coming. That's the thing about the Canadian climate, it's almost always too cold or too warm... there is about a week in April and three days in October that are fantastic, and the rest of the year is pretty much crap.

So... kiddie pool... great idea, yes?

I can by no means afford and actual grown-up size pool, and I'm whiny, and pouty, and wilty in warm weather, so I think it's just what we need...

When I briefly lived with my father about eight or so years ago, he had a small above-ground aluminum pool in the backyard... it was about ten feet across, and barely three feet deep, but on humid summer nights there was nothing better than slipping into the cool water and just floating slowly in circles... face up, admiring the stars... only hearing the swishing sounds of my arms in the water, and the gentle hum of the filter... letting the darkness settle in all around...

It was so peaceful, and relaxing... and cooling...


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