Monday, December 24, 2012

three months

The time is flying by.  I need to find a way to slow everything down, to savour it and really appreciate how precious each of these moments are.  If someone out there figures this out, please let me in on the secret?

She's been home for just over two months now, but it feels as if she's been here all along. We just fit, the three of us, perfectly.

I have nicknamed her "Turtle" due to the goofy way she looked up at me, all wide-eyes and wrinkly-necked, when she was learning to move her head around on her own.  I loved cuddling her on my chest, nestled beneath my chin, and the way she would lean back and pear up at me, blinking, and smiling... my heart could barely stand it! 

So she's my Turtle, or Turtle Dovlet, or Little Missy Peanut Sauce, Emmi, EmmaLaLa, Lovey, Bean, Beansie... and so on. The poor kid is going to be so confused about her name with me as her Momma!

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